Handmade Dream Catcher
Handmade Dream Catcher
Handmade Dream Catcher
Handmade Dream Catcher
Handmade Dream Catcher
Handmade Dream Catcher
Handmade Dream Catcher

Handmade Dream Catcher

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Say goodbye to nightmares and invite positive energy into your house!

Add magic in your bedroom and keep bad dreams at bay by hanging a beautiful hand-woven tassel net and feathers dreamcatcher. Not only it works as a source of blessings in warm and mysterious ways but also a unique decorative hanging that further beautifies your space. This Dream Catcher is perfect to hang in your bedroom, kid's room, sitting room, balcony, living room, house, windows for decoration or to avoid evil and allow you to rest from the hardships of the day, removing all the bad dreams.


✔️ Protects from nightmares

✔️ Neutralize bad energy

✔️ Brings positive energy

✔️ Beautiful wall decoration

Influences Your Dreams: The ancient legend signifies that the Handmade Dream Catcher acts as a filter that directs good dreams to the sleeper while deflecting nightmares.

A Source of Positive Energy: Direct good energy and deflect bad energy whether you are awake or asleep. Decorating a handmade dreamcatcher creates positive energy in the house. This also brings positive thinking among the family members.

Unique Decorative Hanging: Hangings are a new way to decorate your home bringing texture to your art collection and creating a lovely relaxed feel in the room. They look great hung together with a collection of pieces or alone on a wall as a focal point.




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