About Us

Hello, dear reader,
my name is Ryan, I'm 61 years old and I’m the founder of Tabaos. Here you can see a current picture of me:

I am really happy about your visit to Tabaos.com. :)

Since 2017 I wanted to establish an online shop in this niche because I had always been interested in the topic and I was convinced that with my creativity and my knowledge about NISCHE I could do a lot better than the competition.

Today, five years later, I know that we have managed to enthuse thousands of people for our unique products. This is no coincidence or luck, but is due to these three reasons why our customers love us so much:

#1 Our PRODUCTS are UNIQUE. Every week we find new amazing Home products all over the world, which make every day more enjoyable and pleasant for you!

#2 Before a product goes live, it is tested by me and my whole team. So we can guarantee you a HIGH QUALITY and LONG PLEASURE in the use of our products!

#3 Only successful proven products are presented to you, our lovely customers. We offer free worldwide shipping as we believe in transparency and NO HIDDEN COSTS!

If you have any question about our brand or your order, do not hesitate to contact us.

My staff is available 24h a day and 7 days a week to help you as soon as possible! 

I wish you a great shopping experience.


and your Tabaos team