Egg Cracker
Egg Cracker
Egg Cracker
Egg Cracker
Egg Cracker
Egg Cracker

Egg Cracker

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No More Messes - Get Perfectly Cracked Eggs Every Time!

Cracking eggs without making a mess seems to be a difficult task. No more fishing out annoying shell pieces! With the Egg Cracker kitchen helper, you can crack raw or hard-boiled eggs easily one-handed without creating any mess. Our kitchen gadget not only neatly cracks an egg in just one motion but is also an Egg Yolk Separator that perfectly separates the egg yolks from the egg white. Good luck making delicious and nutritious eggs for breakfast!


✅ Crack your eggs perfectly
✅ Separates egg whites
✅ Strip shells from hard-boiled eggs in seconds
✅ Helps make breakfast fast & easy

HOW TO USE: Just place the egg on the egg rack and gently press the manual handle, the eggshell will automatically break, and the eggshell fragments will not fall into the egg, which is quick and convenient. In addition, the bottom is buckled with a tray to allow the yolk and egg white to separate.

PORTABLE AND DURABLE: This trendy Egg Cracker is made from eco-friendly plastic, wear-resistant and durable, portable with a long life span. With no complex process, it's your go-to egg cracker forever.

EGG YOLK AND EGG WHITE SEPARATOR: An attachable egg white separator easily parts the yolk from the whites for cholesterol-conscious.The egg separator will catch the yolk and let the white through.



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