Kinetic Wind Spinners
Kinetic Wind Spinners
Kinetic Wind Spinners
Kinetic Wind Spinners
Kinetic Wind Spinners
Kinetic Wind Spinners

Kinetic Wind Spinners

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Turn your garden into an artistic wonderland!

Our Kinetic Wind Spinner will add a futuristic flair to your garden and will turn it into the hottest topic in the neighborhood. Through its calm and hypnotizing movement, it adds harmony to the landscape and turns your backyard into a masterpiece. It can be used as a focal point to draw you into the garden for a closer look and also bring a color palette to your garden that isn’t available in the natural world.

  • Let your personality shine:
    A garden is uniquely your own and should be a reflection of you! Our kinetic wind spinner actually gives you more opportunity for self-expression than plants.
  • Adds winter interest:
    Let’s face it. A winter garden can leave much to be desired. The vibrancy and color of peak gardening season has now browned and withered away and been replaced with a blanket of snow. Our Wind Spinner brings interest to a dreary winter landscape with a splash of color, form, or texture.
  • Lightweight and Strong Material:
    Many wind spinners outdoor come with a single blade that spins in one direction. Our kinetic wind spinner; however, has a solid metallic construction with dual wind motion. The two tiers blades smoothly rotate in opposite directions on sealed bearings. Featuring modern functionality with period charm, our durable yard wind spinners have a stability stake at the base to ensure it's firmly planted for windy days.


Can The height of the spinner be adjusted to lower?

You could remove the middle section of the metal post to make it shorter.

All parts solid metal??

All parts are from stainless steel. It is very sturdy.

How do you fix it so it doesn’t fall over the wind??

The bottom post has 3 spiked feet that you drive into the ground. Very firm and stable!




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