Tabaos™ Playbrush
Tabaos™ Playbrush
Tabaos™ Playbrush
Tabaos™ Playbrush
Tabaos™ Playbrush

Tabaos™ Playbrush

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Playing games while brushing teeth? - Yes, it is possible!

Does your pet have bad breath and yellow teeth? While 76% of pet owners agree that oral hygiene is important for the overall health of their dog, only 10% brush their dog’s teeth at least once weekly. The results are obvious: plaque and toothache.

Without brushing, plaque can be built-up and putting your dogs at risk of bad breath, toothache, and tooth decay.

In order to set an end to this problem, we have developed the Tabaos™ Playbrush. It does not only keep your dog entertained, but also brushes your dog's teeth while chewing it, relieving you from the unpleasant job of convincing your pet. 

A standard estimate of costs that would be charged for oral cleaning for your pup ranges from $500 to $900. The cleaning itself is $99. Add $33 for X-rays, $11 for polishing and $21 for sealing. There are separate charges for pre-anesthesia, induction, monitoring and the general anesthesia itself. This adds $120 to the estimate. What’s left? Drugs before, during and after the procedure, hospitalization fees, etc. The bill could jump by hundreds, even thousands, if you add extractions, fillings or even root canals. Is all of this really necessary?

Help your dog to stay healthy, help to keep its teeth clean. The only thing you need to do is to click on the "add-to-cart" button above, and your dog will do the rest.


  • Made from Safe, Durable & Non-Toxic Natural Rubber
  • Toothpaste reservoir to store toothpaste
  • Bristle-lined grooves that brush pet’s teeth down to the gum line
  • Easy to hold paw pads
  • Side nudges for extra brushing surfaces 


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