Rimcap Bike Clamp
Rimcap Bike Clamp
Rimcap Bike Clamp
Rimcap Bike Clamp
Rimcap Bike Clamp
Rimcap Bike Clamp
Rimcap Bike Clamp

Rimcap Bike Clamp

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Who Knew Changing Your Bike Tire Could Be So Easy and Fun!

Looking for a manual tool that makes an emergency bike tire repair easier and less tiring? Rimcap Bike Clamp comes in handy! This tool is used regularly for changing the bike’s tires that resist going on the rim with normal hand-applied pressure. Hand tool for helping to make difficult to install bicycle tires easier to install with much more leverage than standard bicycle tire levers and controlled placement of the tire bead on the rim. Made up of a strong nylon plastic that helps to prevent scuffs or scratches to the rim during use. A great tool with multifunction utility.


✔️ Quick removal of the tire of the bike

✔️ Stress-free installation of tire

✔️ Saves time and effort

✔️ Easy to handle hand tool 

✔️ Small storage size

Ergonomic Design: Rimcap Bike Clamp has an ergonomic shape that ensures a tight grip when removing a tire off a rim. Levers also have an ‘indentation feature’, giving it a great feel in the hand when being used. It is perfect for those who excessively ride bicycles.

Non-Damaging Effects: The Rimcap Bike Clamp is a great idea for pulling out hard-to-fit tubes from carbon rims or even tight new clincher tires. Many bicyclists are opting for our Rimcap Bike Clamp to shield their wheels and protect their bicycles from as much damage as possible. Rimcap Bike Clamp helps protect the vulnerable edges of the alloys and safeguard against any scuffs and scrapes which would otherwise damage the metal.

A Handy Tool: This tool will not damage the rim edges because the pressing force is from the top to the bottom. A handy tool for you to install bicycle tires easily with much more leverage than standard levers provide. Rimcap Bike Clamp is so small and & yet so efficient. It reduces workload & makes the job done easily. This tool is very helpful for mountain cyclists as well.

Fits all Tire Sizes: The Rimcp Bike Clamp is versatile enough to fit all tire sizes: the wider opening compared to other types of bicycle tire bead jacks allows use with a wider range of tire sizes.



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