Steam BBQ Cleaner
Steam BBQ Cleaner
Steam BBQ Cleaner
Steam BBQ Cleaner
Steam BBQ Cleaner
Steam BBQ Cleaner
Steam BBQ Cleaner

Steam BBQ Cleaner

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Taste Today’s Sizzle Not Yesterday’s Char!

Do you also find it so annoying to clean the stains that won’t leave your grills?

Meet the Steam BBQ Cleaner that will clean your grill in just seconds. It requires no chemicals or whatsoever to make your grill spotless.

Clean and sanitize your grill with the power of steam. Introducing the Steam BBQ Cleaner, an all-natural grill cleaner that’s super powerful, you won’t use anything else to clean stubborn dirt and gunk on your barbecue grills.


Fast-Cleaning Tool: The BBQ Grill Steam Cleaner is a cleaning tool that makes anyone a master of barbecue. With an upgraded brush, you can clean the same area 5 times faster than with a regular brush.

Safe & Secure: The tightly twisted base securely holds the bristles, so you won’t need to worry about loose bristles getting inside your grill. It is totally safe for you to operate.

Removes Greasy Remnants: The Steam sterilizes and cleans burnt leftovers on the grill. No toxic chemicals on your food, or the environment.
Just add water, ignite your grill and enjoy the unbeatable ease and grill-cleaning power of steam!


Easy To Use: A unique handle configuration along with the power of steam makes this brush easy to use. The handle keeps your hands away from the heat of the grill, while the dual brushes clean and scrape your grill to get it spotlessly clean.

Easy To Clean: This Steam BBQ Cleaner is durable and guarantees highly effective cleaning. It is also easy to clean the top & bottom of all grills. The scrapper allows a quick removal of the most stubborn gime spots.

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool: This Steam BBQ Cleaner can be used not only to clean the grill, but also as a kitchen tool to cleans hoods, dishwashers, etc.


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